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My son is a huge reader.  I asked him to guest blog for me last night, much to his excitement, about great books for boys his age (nine and a half) and here's what he came up with, in his very own words.  All I did was type as he talked.  Enjoy!

Bio: I’ve only written a few books, but the ones I have written have been pretty good.  I like to write about things that haven’t really happened, like science fiction.  I love science and I’m in the gifted program. 
[Me: clearly, he has a self-image problem.  We're working on that (*grin*).  Seriously, though, all on his own a few years ago he started writing and illustrating graphic novels and selling them for a dollar a piece to raise money for cancer research.  Our community newsletter gave him a write-up.]


Great Books for Boys by Ty

I’d say one of the best books for boys is Vordak the Incomprehensible’s How to Grow Up and Rule the World.  It’s a good book with a lot of evil in it and it’s got some pretty wicked things in there, like teaching your brother that the word for shoes is “poop.” [Me: not available until August 24th.  I received an early copy when I was at the Egmont offices and laughed aloud over something on the galley cover.  This book is read-out-loud-to-your-friends funny.]

A great series would be the Percy Jackson series, because it’s got a lot of butt-kicking and violence.  Just what every kid loves! 

Another great series is the Pyrates series.  It’s basically about four kids who discover a treasure map and an entire network of tunnels that contain an ancient treasure called The Eye of Eternity.

The Harry Potter series is another one I definitely recommend.  It’s really cool, because there’s a lot of violence. [Aside from me, “Can we not dwell on the violence.”  Him, “Mom, kids love the violence.  It’s the #1 thing kids love.”  “Oh, good.” (sarcasm, in case it’s not coming through)].  It’s awesome.

A great book would have to be The Dangerous Book for Boys.  It puts a lot of cool things in our heads.  Some of them are like dangerous stunts, and some are just plain how to catch yourself a girlfriend.

I’ve basically expended most of the books in my knowledge that were great.  Thank you for reading this.  Good-bye.

[Hey, it's me again.  The things you discover when you have your son guest-blog....  When we've talked about the Percy Jackson books, which he encouraged me to read so that we could discuss, it's been all about how cool Poseidon is and how much he's learned about the gods and goddesses.  Oh yeah, and if I could be a demi-god, which demi-god would I be?  Who knew it was really all about the butt-whooping?]

March 1: P.S. to this - what Ty's reading this week: Goddess of Yesterday by Caroline B. Cooney.

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