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RWA cont'd

More RWA pics:

1- Tor editors Marco Palmieri and Stacy Hague-Hill at the Nelson Literary Agency cocktail party
2- Me, Tera Kleinfelter from Samhain Publishing and Debra Mullins at the Samhain breakfast


3- Pamela Harty and me from The Knight Agency, Diana Fox from Fox Literary at the Avon party
4- The view from the Avon party (Central Park Boathouse)
5- Whitney Ross and Kristin Sevick of Tor Books, Heather Osborn of Samhain Publishing

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Romantic Times Convention

Had a fabulous time at the Romantic Times Convention this past weekend.  Was wonderful to see people I only get to catch up with about once a year and to get out for a meal with my authors Crystal Jordan and N.K. Jemisin.  As a bonus, two offers came in while I was away.  (I swear, I do more deals out of the office than in.)  So much to catch up on that I'm without time for my usual commentary, but for your viewing pleasure, I present pics!

I- The urban fantasy contingent (or part of it, anyway), from left to right: Me, Jeanne C. Stein, Heather Osborn, Diana Rowland, Mark Henry, Mario Acevedo, Jaye Wells, Carolyn Crane and Kristen Painter.
2- Devi Pillai of Orbit/Little Brown and her stylin' iPhone
3- Talented twosome Crystal Jordan and N.K. Jemisin at the signing on Saturday
4- Awesome friends Tony and Lori Karayianni, aka Tori Carrington and me

1- Kat Richardson and Diana Rowland rockin' the corsets at the fairy ball.
2- Caitlin Kittredge looking very prom queen (the pic doesn't even do her justice)
3- Dakota Cassidy, all decked out
4- At the cantina: Kat Richardson, Jim McCarthy from Dystel & Goderich, Mark Henry, Kristin Sevick of Tor/Forge, Carolyn Crane
5- At the cantina, part deux: Zombie Joe, creepy doll, Jaye Wells looking terrified of creepy doll, Nicole Peeler and Heather Osborn of Tor Romance

6- Me and Shannon Delany
7- Stacia Kane (left), the winner of the costume competition overall (center) and Richelle Mead at the fairy ball.

1- Nicole Peeler, John Scalzi and Diana Rowland
2- Louisa Edwards and Deidre Knight
3- Our Publicity/Promotions Manager at The Knight Agency, Jia Gayles
4- Jaye Wells and Miriam Kriss from the Irene Goodman Agency
5- Nicole Peeler and her dueling tats! (Seriously, very cool temporary tattoos to advertise her site.  All the cool kids were wearing them.)
6- Sarah Zettel at the big signing
7- Kristen Painter (amazon) and me (cough, not)
8- Mark Henry with facial commentary on the bus stop poster beside him
9- Charles Paz (Mr. Romance 2009) and Mary Ann at the Ohio Romance Writers luncheon, which was lovely!
10- Karen Miller, cueing up for a game with N.K. Jemisin at the Orbit party

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