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Main minion revealed

As posted on my character's blog today ([info]ginasgems ), the winner of my mighty minions contest is the fanged and fabulous Sallie Marie...the Romance Puppy herself.  Sallie's very awesome video application is below.

Yet another thing of beauty...the French edition of Vamped!

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Winner and PASIC chat

The winner of the bundle of books from the Debut Week giveaway is Susan Thorson!  Susan, if you'll e-mail me per the address in my response to your comment, I'll get you out a bundle of books a.s.a.p.  Enjoy!

In other news, I'm doing a chat tonight for PASIC (the Published Authors' Special Interest Chapter of RWA) at 9 p.m. eastern.  I hope you'll join me!  Here's the link to their site.  Clicking the chat button in the upper right should lead you to log in for the chat.

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Release Party Prizes

I couldn't decide among the many wonderful entries in the VAMPED post-release party contest.   I absolutely loved Brindle's wallpaper, which you can all see here, but he's been awfully lucky lately <g> and I think he already has everything in my prize pack!  (Brindle let me know if there's anything I can send your way.)   So, I'm doing two things.  One, I had my son draw a name out of a hat, and the winner came up catie_james.  Congratulations!  Two, everyone who participated is welcome to send me their address at luciennediver(at) and I'll send out a signed bookplate.  Thank you all so much for your support!

If you haven't already, I hope you'll sign up for my newsletter, so I can let you know about any other upcoming contests and events.

Also, while I'm at it, two new reviews have recently posted for VAMPED from:
Library Lounge Lizard (love that blog title!)
Violet Crush

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The winner of yesterday's Patti O'Shea giveaway is EdgyAuthor!  I've left instructions in the response to your comment for contacting me so we can get IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR right off to you.  Congrats!

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Photo contest winners!

Updating this entry: I'm pleased to report TWO winners of the Vamped photo contest!  The first pictured above was taken by Judy of her son, Spike.  She writes, "I wish you could see his t-shirt that says "sometimes I worry about zombies..."
  Love that!  (And I'll have an author here taking team zombie's side of the whole vamps vs. zombie debate next week, so this ties right in!)  The second pic is Brindle, looking very vamp himself.  Thanks so much for vamping for the cause!  A T-shirt, Vamped photo magnet, cross (in case you want to stay off the undead roster), glow-in-the-dark fangs (in case you want to play for the winning team) and anything else I can think of to throw in will be on the way to both winners right after the holiday weekend.  It's appropriately dark and stormy outside right now, complete with dramatic flashes of lightning.  All in all a perfect day to dance on the dark side.  Enjoy!

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Gargoyles winner

JamieBabette won a signed copy of one of Vickie Taylor's gargoyle romances!  I've put my e-mail address in response to your comment.  Get in touch and congratulations!

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  Yesterday's winner of a signed copy of UNLACED is miintikwa !  Please get in touch with me at Lucienne(dot) with your address and we'll get it right out to you.  Congratulations and enjoy!

Today we have another giveaway of a signed copy of FORBIDDEN SHORES by Jane Lockwood.  Comment here and I'll draw a name tomorrow morning for the win.

And now, a few words from indomitable Jane Lockwood:

Thanks, Lucienne, for inviting me to guest blog today.

 Lucienne talked a bit on Monday about the definitions of erotic romance, erotica, and romantica. I’ve given up trying to define what I do—I mean, so long as your agent knows, you’re in safe hands, right?—although I do like this definition of erotica vs. pornography: if it takes two hands to hold the book, it’s erotica.

 I find that if I mention I write erotic romance to non-writers, or even that I occasionally teach a workshop on the subject (in the company of Lucienne and Pam Rosenthal I get a strange reaction, a mixture of disbelief and shock. I’m pretty sure I don’t meet the preconception of a romance writer or an erotic romance writer (whatever that might be--tattoos, leather, spiked collar, leashed boytoy?). I’m sort of surprised myself.

Read more...Collapse )


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Winner and guest blogging over at TKA

The winner of yesterday's giveaway is janastocks.  I've left instructions in my response to your comment yesterday.  I'll get the book out to you as soon as I hear where to send it.  Thanks for playing!

I'm blogging over here today: in honor of their Halloween Week.  I hope you'll all check it out. 
I'm not sure which title they'll choose to go with, "Confessions of an Unrepentant Schlock Film Junkie" or "Confessions of a Scream Queen," but either way, I hope it's fun.

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