varkat (varkat) wrote,

Romantic Times Award Nominees

I'm very excited to congratulate my 2009 finalists for Romantic Times' 2009 Awards:

Karen Whiddon for her Lifetime Achievement Award nomination for Series Romance

Susan Krinard for LORD OF LEGENDS, finalist for Best Historical Vampire/Werewolf/Shifter Romance

Marjorie M. Liu for her nominations for THE FIRE KING (Best Shapeshifter Romance) and her heroine Maxine Kiss from DARKNESS CALLS (Best Urban Fantasy Protagonist)

DD Barant’s DYING BITES and Diana Pharaoh FrancisBITTER NIGHT for Best Urban Fantasy

The above are in great company with other Knight Agency authors as well, including Nalini Singh, Shannon K. Butcher, Dakota Cassidy, Robin D. Owens, Kate Pearce, Joey W. Hill, Leslie Kelly, Abby Gaines.... Click here for the full list!

I'm so proud of you all!

Tags: awards, finalists, nominations, romantic times

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