varkat (varkat) wrote,

A few things before I run off and read

The Children's Book Council, in association with, wants you to vote on your five favorite books of 2009 for the Children's Choice Book Awards.  Details are here.  Voting ends February 1, 2010.  With so many awesome books out in 2009, I have no idea how you'll pick just five.

One of my incredible authors (Marjorie M. Liu) is hosting one of my other fabulous writers (Sarah A. Hoyt) over on
her blog today.  Hope you'll stop by and say hello to one and all.

In other news, the Nebula Awards are coming to Cocoa Beach, Florida Thursday, May 13th through Sunday, the 16th to coincide with the scheduled launch of the Huttle Atlantis on Friday, May 14th.  Looks like it'll be a pretty amazing weekend. 
Check it out.
Tags: awards, children's choice, guest blog, marjorie m. liu, nebula awards, sarah a. hoyt

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