varkat (varkat) wrote,

So much news

First, my awesome friend Eric Archibald has come up with a snazzy new cartoon me for the blog!  (For those of you who miss Gina, my previous icon, she's now over at her own blog:, along with a pic of my brand new cover for ReVamped and an excerpt.)

Huge congrats to Rob Thurman for hitting #35 on the New York Times extended list with her latest Cal Leandros novel, ROADKILL.

And triple kudos to Beth Cornelison, who's a Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence finalist for TALL DARK DEFENDER =and= THE CHRISTMAS STRANGER in series romantic suspense and HEALING LUKE in single title!
Tags: awards, beth cornelison, gina, healing luke, new york times bestseller, roadkill, rob thurman, tall dark defender, the christmas stranger

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