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RITA Award Finalists


The RITA and Golden Heart calls are going out today!  
So far, from my list, I have Laurie Brown up for WHAT WOULD JANE AUSTEN DO? and Marjorie M. Liu up for THE FIRE KING for Best Paranormal RITAS and Beth Cornelison for Contemporary Series Action/Adventure for THE CHRISTMAS STRANGER.  Marjorie's story "The Robber Bride" from the HUNTRESS anthology is also a finalist in the Best Novella category!

Also, from The Knight Agency, we have Jessica Andersen up for the RITA in the Contemporary Series Action/Adventure category for MOUNTAIN INVESTIGATION and Tina Farraro has finaled in the Young Adult category for THE ABCs OF KISSING BOYS.
For the Golden Heart, Knight Agency author Maureen McGowen is up for Novel with Strong Romantic Elements for SWITCHING SIDES.

You go, girls!!!  I'm so proud.
Tags: action/adventure, beth cornelison, contemporary, laurie brown, paranormal, rita awards

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