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Video contest for ReVamped!

Have y’all seen the application tapes from
Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog for the Evil League of Evil (samples here)?  Well, Gina’s on the side of sweetness and light…or at least, light…and taking applications of her own.  That’s right, Gina wants, no NEEDS, minions.  So, here’s the deal:


-create a video “application” to tell Gina why you’d make an amazing minion.  Style, theatricality and humor all encouraged

-send it to me at ginasminions (though without the space between ginasminions and @), along with a filled in, signed version of the statement below.

It’s as simple as that.  Four finalists will be chosen and posted on my blog(s) by August 15th.  The winner will be chosen on August 31st, the day before ReVamped officially hits shelves!  The grand prize winner receives a Flip Video Camera, and the three runners-up $25 Barnes & Noble gift cards.


Spread the word, send video and, most of all, have FUN!





I hereby warrant that I am the creator of the attached video, that all rights are mine to grant and that I have obtained any necessary permissions.  I authorize Lucienne Diver to use my video non-exclusively on her website, blogs, YouTube and other media sites.


If you’re under eighteen, a parent or guardian must sign as well.


_________________                      _________________                      __________ 
(name)                                         (signature)                                   (date)


_________________                      _________________                      __________ 

(parent or guardian name)          (parent or guardian signature)    (date)

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