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My husband with The Top Ten Reasons to Buy My Wife's Books

From the home office in beautiful Tampa, Florida, I bring you:


Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Purchase ReVamped,

The Latest Novel by My Wife, Lucienne Diver:


10)      It’s just the right size to level out the coffee table that your Mom has been nagging your Dad to fix for the last 6 months;


9)         Kids who read about vampires make Bill O’Reilly cry;


8)         You spent all those years learning how to read, you might as well do something with the skill, right?


7)         It uses many of the same words as the Bible (without all the “Thou”s and “begat”s), so you just know it has to be good;


6)         It can be easily hidden behind a textbook, thus making 4th Period History class a lot more bearable;


5)         Lucienne tells me that if this book sells well, I might be mentioned by name in the acknowledgements of the next book (no promises, though);


4)         Every copy sold takes me one step closer to my dream of being a kept man;


3)         It makes a great Halloween giveaway (as Gina will tell you, candy is sooo last year);


2)         Vampire chicks rock!


And, the Number One reason why you should purchase ReVamped is . . .

1)         Her vampires don’t sparkle.

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