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Kalayna Price - Happy Release Day and Guest Blog

The fabulous Kalayna Price is her today to celebrate the release of her fantastic urban fantasy GRAVE WITCH from Roc.  NYT bestselling author Patricia Briggs calls it: "A rare treat, intriguing and original" and says, "Don't miss this one.”


"Nonstop action that will keep you guessing who the killer is until the end"

—Top Pick Novel, Night Owl Reviews


“Fascinating magic, a delicious heartthrob, and a fresh, inventive world."

– Chloe Neill, Author of TWICE BITTEN

"Only a thin border separates the worlds of the living and the dead in Price's captivating series debut."                                                Publisher's Weekly


“Price launches a new urban fantasy series with a heroine with an unusual relationship with Death: he likes her.  Protagonist Alex leads an intriguing cast of characters that inhabit a reality where the supernatural have revealed themselves.  The uneasy relationship between humans and the paranormal gives this story an edgy, intense quality.”                                                           Romantic Times, 4 Stars


Bitten by Books gave it a 5 Tombstone review here.  Speaking of which, Kalayna will be up at Bitten by Books later today with a guest blog, chat and contest, giving away a $50 Amazon gift card.

And now, courtesy of Kalayna Price...

Top five ways writers spend the release day of their books:*

5.)   Driving to every bookstore within a few hours commute. They can be spotted in the aisles, facing their covers out and then taking pictures. They might also be lurking a few shelves away, watching and hoping they spot someone purchasing the book.

4.)   Digging through their closet in a frantic attempt to find the perfect outfit for their release party. They inevitably decide on the first outfit they tried on—the one now buried on the bottom of the pile the cat is sleeping on—but then realize they have no idea what they will write when they sign books. They show up to the release party thirty minutes late, covered in cat hair, and with a swollen writing hand from practicing their signature.

3.)   Scouring the net for early reviews. Champagne will be consumed every time they discover a glowing review that praises the pure genius of their story, but massive amounts of chocolate will be needed whenever they discover reviews mentioning weaknesses.

2.)   Feverishly refreshing the Amazon website as they monitor their sales rank throughout the day. They will call friends and family and tweet about every upward rank change, and will be found cursing the computer and hitting refresh faster if the rank drops.

And the number one way a writer spends her release day:

1.)   Sound asleep. So exhausted from pre-release promotion, the writer will sleep through the whole day.

Thanks for having me here today, Lucienne. I’m going to go, uh, not do any of the above to celebrate the release of Grave Witch. Happy release day!

(*This list based on absolutely no research or personal experience.)


Kalayna Price is the author of the Alex Craft Novels, a new dark urban fantasy series from Roc, and the author of the Novels of Haven from Bell Bridge Books. She draws her ideas from the world around her, her studies into ancient mythologies, and her obsession with classic folklore. Her stories contain not only the mystical elements of fantasy, but also a dash of romance, a bit of gritty horror, some humor, and a large serving of mystery. She is a member of SFWA and RWA, and an avid hula-hoop dancer who has been known light her hoop on fire. To find out more, please visit her at


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