varkat (varkat) wrote,

Link Soup

Cold days like this just seem to cry out for soup.

First, congratulations to N.K. Jemisin, whose debut novel The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms has also made
Locus Magazine's 2010 Recommended Reading List for First Novels.

Today, Doranna Durgin is
guest blogging over at The Knight Agency, revealing "all my deep dark secrets."

Janet Mullany is at
Risky Regencies with a contest and guest blog to promote Mr. Bishop and the Actress.

Chloe Neill is back with another contest, this for two signed ARCs of Hard Bitten, the fourth book in her excellent Chicagoland Vampires series.

I'm back to the great frozen north for a bit come tomorrow, so things may be a bit quiet here on the blog...or not, depending on how many hours I spend stranded in airports, etc.  Wish me luck.   Although, who needs luck when you have "The Child Who Will Save Us All from The Snowpocalypse" (link courtesy of Nephele Tempest).
Tags: chloe neill, doranna durgin, janet mullany, links, n.k. jemisin

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