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Happy Release Day to Marjorie M. Liu

Want to wish a congratulations to Marjorie M. Liu for the re-release of her third Dirk & Steele novel, THE RED HEART OF JADE, from Avon Books!  Beginning at the end of December 2010 and continuing through the end of July, Avon will be reissuing the bestselling Dirk & Steele novels at the rate of one a month.  If you like edgy suspense, non-stop action, high stakes and smokin' romance, check below for a list of the full series titles and release dates so you wont miss a single one!


“If you have yet to add Liu to your must-read list, you’re doing yourself a disservice.” —Booklist

"Red-hot Liu adds luster to her fast-rising career with this exhilarating chapter in the Dirk & Steele series.  She packs her stories with a variety of immensely intriguing characters, making the high-stakes plotlines even more mesmerizing.  No question, Liu is destined to be a major player!" —Romantic Times, 4 ½ Star Top Pick!

Book Description

Beneath passion and purifying fire is . . . The Red Heart of Jade

Dean Campbell can see and sense things that others cannot—an extraordinary ability that drew the ex-cop to the Dirk & Steele Detective Agency, a global association of more-than-human men and women. Dean and his peers—shapeshifters, psychics, and other paranormals—are dedicated to protecting life. But there are those who live for destruction.

Now Dean's investigation into a series of unthinkable killings is calling him to Taipei, where a pattern is emerging that is more deadly than anything he could have foreseen. At the center is a power that could change the world . . . and the woman who can truly complete him: Mirabelle Lee, the girl Dean loved in his youth, the childhood sweetheart he once believed dead. Now that his heart has been reawakened, he will not lose her again—even as the forces of an immortal evil gather to destroy them and everything they love.

Tiger Eye (12/28/10)
Shadow Touch (1/25/11)
The Red Heart of Jade (2/22/11)
Eye of Heaven (coming 3/29/11)
Soul Song (coming 4/26/11)
The Last Twilight (coming 5/31/11)
The Wild Road (coming 6/28/11)
The Fire King (coming 7/26/11)
In the Dark of Dreams (released 11/30/10)

new Dirk & Steele Novel Within the Flames is forthcoming 10/25/11
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