January 12th, 2011

Happy Book Birthday to Rosemary Clement-Moore

Wow, this week has been busy and isn't looking to get any less so!  Unfortunately, that means I'm a day late wishing Rosemary Clement-Moore a happy book birthday for the paperback release of THE SPLENDOR FALLS with it's wonderfully gothic new cover.

THE SPLENDOR FALLS by Rosemary Clement-Moore
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Age Range: Young Adult
ISBN-13: 9780385736916

Rave Reviews:

“Sylvie’s voice is sharp and articulate, and Clement-Moore (the Maggie Quinn: Girl vs. Evil series) anchors the story in actual locations and history, offering au courant speculations about the nature of ghosts and magic. Her ear for both adolescent bitchery and sweetness remains sure, and her ability to write realistic, edgy dialogue without relying on obscenity or stereotype is a pleasure.” —Publishers Weekly

“Hard to imagine a better book.” — Genrefluent

“The Splendor Falls is a commendable book which is highly recommended for teens who like mystery, romance, and the supernatural.” — Book Trends

“This modern-day ghost story will have readers flipping through pages as fas as their eyes can take them as Sylvie discovers an existence that is far different from her familiar world of dance.  Clement-Moore, author of the popular “Girl vs. Evil” series, leaves readers wanting more.  With a strong story line, a little paranormal activity and an age-old love story, readers—particularly “Twilight” fans—will not be disappointed with this Gothic Romance.” —Florida Times-Union

Cover Copy:

Sylvie Davis is a ballerina who can't dance, she lost everything important to her in one missed step.

Uprooting her from her Manhattan apartment, and shipping her to Alabama is her mother's solution for Sylvie's unhappiness. But life might not be any more simple down south.  As it turns out, her family has a lot more history than Sylvie ever knew. More unnerving, though, are the two guys that she can't stop thinking about.

Then Sylvie starts seeing things. A girl down by the lake. A man peering into the window. And a graveyard with an oddly placed headstone. Sylvie's lost nearly everything—is she starting to lose her mind as well?


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