February 2nd, 2011

New and exciting

More awesome news and helpful (I hope!) links:

Patti O'Shea
's Nocturne Bites story "Shadow's Caress" is now available!  You can read an excerpt here.

Cover Copy:

        Former vampire hunter Cass Lanier didn't think vampires could become ghosts...until the shade of Malachi James comes to her, arousing her with his erotic touch. Malachi was the last vampire she killed—an act she always regretted. Now Cass is his only hope of being brought back to life.

        Then Cass discovers Malachi isn't the only one following her. Other hunters have learned she can resurrect the vampires she put to death, and they want to kill her first. Will Cass survive long enough to save Malachi and finally experience her phantom lover's caresses as pleasures of the flesh?

Congrats to Lynn Flewelling, who's Glimpses won Best Fantasy Book  in
LR Cafe's 2010 Reader Awards!

Marjorie M. Liu and Nalini Singh, both Knight Agency authors (the former repped by me and the latter by Nephele Tempest) both made the
Kansas City Public Library's list of Best Romance Novels of 2010 for:
You go, gals!

In other news, I've started a fan page for my own fiction on Facebook and to celebrate, also have a FB exclusive contest going on.  Leave a favorite quote from the Vamped series over there to be entered to name a character in an upcoming short story.

By way of helpful links, David B. Coe has started a great series of posts on Magical Words about descriptive passages.  Part I is up on settings.