February 4th, 2011

Fun Friday

In honor of my new feature, Fun Fridays, I present to you two funny and fabulous reads from Little Black Dress and one laugh-out-loud link:

What could be more important than a lady's reputation? Although initially alarmed by their unconventional ways, strait-laced Harry Bishop is content in the service of Lord Shad and his family. But when he is sent to London to rescue Shad's wayward relation from debt and self-destruction, he also has the dubious honor of dealing with the man's illicit lover - troublesome actress Sophie Wallace. A man of dignity and decorum, Mr Bishop is desperate to disassociate himself from the scandalous Sophie. Unfortunately, avoiding her proves harder than he could ever have imagined and soon she's causing him all kinds of bother...


OVER HIS DEAD BODY by Laurie Brown
The latest gripping tale of bodies, burial grounds, and romantic suspense, from the author of What Would Jane Austen Do?
Ever since Caroline Tucker moved back home from Hollywood to the bright lights of Haven, New Mexico, she has been trying—and failing—to avoid her ex-husband, town sheriff Travis Beaumont. But when her niece stumbles across the perfectly preserved body of a cowboy at Girl Scout camp, Caroline has no choice but to give Travis a call. But is this actually a crime scene, or just a potential tourist attraction? As the mystery of the mummy unravels, Travis digs up some sinister evidence, and the more Caroline tries to keep away from trouble—and Travis—the more they both come knocking at her door.

Wonderful British sketch comedy
"My Blackberry Is Not Working..."

And in my constant attempt to bring your attention to incredibly useful writing links, here's "The 4 Most Common Mistakes Fiction Editors See" by A. Victoria Mixon.