April 19th, 2011

Revisions - Part II

As promised, update on the revision process.  (Part I here.)

#6 Big Honkin' Speedbump: 
Cruising right along and my undercarriage gets ripped right out by the big honkin' speedbump.  Oh, there's one in every town and every manuscript.  Fixing that speedbump is a project and a half.  First you have to redirect traffic, rip up the concrete, prepare, repave, seal....  Ack!

#7 More Roadwork Ahead:  After tearing out all my hair, I come to the words "The End."  Sweetest words ever in the English language or any other.  The problem is that while the speedbump has been smoothed, I still have sticky-notes on potholes that must be attended to elsewhere.  Still, I've survived first pass edits
, and that deserves some celebration, like wig-shopping to cover my now shiny scalp.

#8 Second Pass Read/Revise:
Here I am now.  Later today I start rereading so that I can smooth out any inconsistencies that might have arisen during the revision process.  I can fix any sentences that may have become mangled, clarify anything still unclear, etc.  Ready to deal with those sticky notes of doom?  Ready as I'll ever be!

#9 The Hand-off: Writers always talk about their manuscripts like their babies.  This is the point where I feel sorely in need a night off, when as much as I love my child, I never want to see it again...at least for a few hours.  I want to hand it over to my editor and say, "Here, you take my colicky baby for awhile, I'm going to the spa."  Hopefully, your manuscript then behaves itself and becomes a cooing bundle of joy so that your editor will agree to watch your baby again sometime, like in the sequel.

#10 Relief: At least until the continuity edits...oh, and copy edits and...well, you get the picture.