May 5th, 2011

CCWC signing pics

More pics from the Central California Writers Conference, these from the kick-off signing.

1- the awesome
Bob Morris and me, mugging with our books
2- our host, Monica of
Willow Bridge Books and Jan Holmes-Frost of Fireship Press
3- Steve Mettee, founder of Quill Driver Books and author of several non-fiction works
4- agent Carolyn Grayson and two of the attendees

A few more quick things

Still crazed.  Hoping to do a very pithy post next week.  For now, two or three more quick things:

There's a great review of
Chloe Neill's new HARD BITTEN, along with an interesting discussion question over at Heart to Heart: The B&N Romance Blog for those who want to check it out.

The Knight Agency is hosting an agent and author chat tonight with Deidre Knight and Elle Jasper.  Details:

WHAT: Chat with Elle Jasper and Deidre Knight
WHEN: Thursday, May 5th @ 9pm ET

Have you been reading Sarah A. Hoyt's really, really, really honest blogs on writing?  In case you've missed them inadvertently, here's her URL.  While we're on the subject of extreme honesty, Diana Pharaoh Francis has a great guest blog up today on Magical Words.