June 1st, 2011

Bad Blood


In honor of my urban fantasy novel releasing digitally at the end of this month (June 28th to be exact) from Samhain, I'm guest blogging today over at Jon Sprunk's site on How Books are Like Children Samhain currently has Bad Blood available for preorder at $3.15.  So if you're so inclined....  (If you're holding out for print, that'll be along in 2012.)

Novel excerpt:

Copyright © 2011 Lucienne Diver
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

Detective Nick Armani—no relation—tried to stare me down from the other side of the tiny vanity table cum desk in Renee’s office, which had been temporarily appropriated. He was tall, dark and none too happy to see me. I had to admit the glower was effective, with those brows in desperate need of taming lowered to shade pale blue eyes. I didn’t think he’d be gratified to find that the effect on me was anything but intimidating, especially with his knees bumping the girly desk every time he shifted. It should have been comical—probably would have been if I weren’t still having flashbacks to the wet sound of the fish-man yanking his hand from Circe’s chest—but it also emphasized his fairly impressive proportions.

“Tori Karacis,” he said, just as the silence was starting to get interesting. “Why is it that I always seem to find you at my crime scenes?”

Yours, detective? Do you have something to confess? I’d be glad to make a citizen’s arrest, especially if you’ll let me borrow your cuffs.”

Damn. My brain and mouth always seemed to disconnect in the detective’s presence. No wonder he glowered.

And yet, I thought I might almost have detected a twitch of the lips. Play nice, I reminded myself.

“No such luck,” he answered, rocking backwards on Renee’s spindly chair. “If there’s any restraining to be done—”

The office door opened, interrupting whatever he’d been about to say—and dammit, I wanted to hear. No surprise the impeccable timing had been brought to us by none other than Armani’s esteemed partner Detective Helen Lau, who from our first meeting acted as though she’d despise me if only she could work up that much enthusiasm.

“I’ve got Officer Jennings doing a ride-along in the ambulance with the male vic. We’re still waiting on the ME. Learned anything so far?” she asked.

I couldn’t help myself. “You’re just in time. Detective Armani was about to break out the rubber hoses.”

Lau finally deigned to look my way, but couldn’t be moved to put on an expression, let alone respond. Damn, I wanted to rattle her cage. This whole more stoic than thou thing—and hello, I wasn’t even in competition—freaked me out. Of course, that might have been why she did it.

Armani gave me a quelling look, but I’d had years of Yiayia’s evil eye to draw on. I was nigh unquellable.

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