June 27th, 2011

New Guest Blogs, New Releases

I'm currently guest blogging over at:
Romance Magicians: an interview between my new heroine, Tori Karacis, and her Yiayia
PJ Schnyder's blog: "Love Triangles"

I'm off at the crack of dawn tomorrow for RWA National, but never fear, I will not be silent.  You can find me on the following dates and sites:
June 28:
Janice Hardy's Blog: "No (Wo)man is and Island"
Cats, Books And...More Cats!: "My Can't Write a Blog Blog"
June 29:
Doranna Durgin's Blog: "Publication Panic"


This is all in honor of my urban fantasy, Bad Blood, which releases digitally tomorrow from Samhain Publishing (print out in 2012).  Have I flashed you all my exciting new reviews?  (Yeah, yeah, I know, but they bear repeating!)

"Bad Blood is a delightful urban fantasy, a clever mix of Janet Evanovich and Rick Riordan, and a true Lucienne Diver original." Long and Short Reviews

“Tori Karacis in Bad Blood is sharp, sexy, and wickedly funny. I adored this book!” Faith Hunter, author of the NYT bestselling Jane Yellowrock series

“BAD BLOOD is a wonderful read. The mystery keeps the reader engaged, the action makes the reader want to roll with the punches, and the romance makes the senses tingle. This is a great book to coil up with on a lazy Sunday afternoon.” —Fresh Fiction


Also releasing tomorrow is the reissue of Marjorie M. Liu's The Wild Road, seventh novel in her bestselling Dirk & Steele series.  Check out her reviews!

"Liu's surefooted guiding of the plot of her latest Dirk & Steele novel keeps the tension high and ensures that secrets are revealed judiciously.  Characters and events from previous stories provide continuity and dramatic "aha" moments.  Here's another surefire winner from an author who never disappoints!" — Romantic Times, 4 ½ Stars

"Marjorie M. Liu has an amazing imagination. She comes up with one original idea after another. It's exciting to start a book by her and know that the story you're going to read isn't something that reminds you of something else. She's had three new stories this summer; THE WILD ROAD, THE IRON HUNT and a short story called Minotaur in Stone in the anthology HOTTER THAN HELL. Three stories in two months and every single one is brilliant!"  — Fresh Fiction

“Marjorie M. Liu is one of my favorite authors. Her style is sort of like the love child of a poem and a novel. Seriously! Her novels are full of rich characters and twisting, engaging plots, but told with such poetic imagery that I often find myself stopping to consider a particularly beautiful turn of phrase or an aching metaphor that makes me not only see, but feel how the characters are reacting.” – Wicked Little Pixie