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New Knight Agency contest

For those who don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you might not have seen my note yesterday about the fun and fabulous new contest The Knight Agency is running.  Excerpted from the site:

THE QUICKIE SUMMARY: Visit the “OFFICIAL SPEED DATE 2 POST” on Monday, March 7th and leave your name in the comment section from 12pm ET to 1pm ET. We will assign everyone a number who left a comment during the specified entry period and draw 125 contestants using The 125 intial entrants will be announced on the blog by the end of the business day and asked to email the first three pages of their manuscript to Deidre and Pamela will then join forces to whittle the 125 contestants down to 3 finalists over the following days.

At the end of the contest, we will also award a first chapter critique to one of the initial 125 entrants via random drawing who was not selected as a finalist.

Full details here.

Stop back here tomorrow, as I have something special planned on my blog for Fun Friday!
Tags: contest, knight agency, the knight agency
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