varkat (varkat) wrote,

Squee and a caption this for Fun Fridays


Very sad that I was traveling on April Fool's Day this year and so did not get to repeat the wonderful were-pigeon pitch session.  I was blown away by the creativity last year.  I'm hoping y'all won't disappoint in my "caption this" contest for Fun Friday.  I'm not sure what the prize should be...bragging rights?  A query letter critique?  Blow me away - either pic or both.  I just sort of liked their juxtaposition.

And now I must squee for my RT Award winners: P.N. Elrod, who received an award as a Pioneer in Genre Fiction, Rachel Caine, who was honored with a Career Achievement Award for Urban Fantasy and N.K. Jemisin, who won a Reviewers' Choice Award for Best Fantasy: THE BROKEN KINGDOMS.  You go, gals!

Tags: award, caption, career achievement, contest, n.k. jemisin, p.n. elrod, pictures, rachel caine, reviewers' choice, romantic times, rt
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