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New Releases & New Info

First, I'm very excited to announce two new releases today - TOO WICKED TO LOVE by Debra Mullins (who is featured today at RT Book Reviews) and the reissue of THE LAST TWILIGHT by Marjorie M. Liu.


“Passion, intrigue, and heartfelt emotion--Debra Mullins delivers captivating romance!” -Tessa Dare

“Clever, romantic, passionate, and adventurous, Mullins’ latest is reading pleasure. From the dynamic beginning to the dramatic climax she balances suspense with sexual tension and readers will stay on their toes eagerly anticipating the satisfying ending.” -Romantic Times

Too wicked to love . . . but too tempting to resist!

Having already been deceived by a heartless fiancÉ, Genevieve Wallington-Willis knows better than to trust any man—which is why her attraction to John Ready is so very disturbing. Though devilishly handsome, he is far too mysterious—and a humble coachman, no less! But one inadvertent kiss and Genevieve is lost.

John dares not reveal his true identity to anyone or it's the gallows for certain! He must concentrate on clearing his name—and prevent the fiend who sullied it, the notorious Raventhorpe, from working his evil on another innocent victim. But being this close to the clever, courageous, and exquisite Miss Wallington-Willis is driving him to distraction. And surrendering to his desire—not to mention to love—may prove the most dangerous risk of all.

"No question, Liu is at the top of her game."  —Romantic Times, Top Pick!

"...the lush narrative style that has become Liu's hallmark will continue to thrill fans and should draw more readers to the fold."  —Booklist

Duty called Dr. Rikki Kinn to the Congo. One of the world's top virus hunters working for the CDC, she is on a mission to investigate a deadly new plague. But there are those determined to stop her—at any price.

Shape-shifter Amiri was born in this land of untamed splendor. Here he woke with the sun and raced as the cheetah . . . until he was kidnapped and subjected to terrible experiments by the evil Consortium. Now his colleagues and brothers in Dirk & Steele want him to return to Africa to face his nightmares. For a good woman has been targeted for death—a beautiful healer who holds the fate of millions in her hands, whose destiny is intertwined with his—and whose need leaves Amiri vulnerable, threatening his heart, his passion . . . and his soul.

In other news, NYT Bestselling author Chloe Neill was interviewed last week by The Morning Blend.  Check her out!  Also, for those traumatized by HARD BITTEN, one of Chloe's fans did a wonderful "Twelve-Step Program," which she's posted on her blog.  Warning: spoiler alert.  You may want to catch up on your reading before checking out the blog.  It's well worth it!

In still other news, Beth Cornelison's Silhouette Romantic Suspense novel THE BRIDE'S BODYGUARD is currently on sale for $1.50 in mass market and $1.42 in it's Kindle edition.  Get it while it's hot!

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