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Last of the RWA pictures

The last of the pics from RWA...

1- This one deserved full-screen, I thought.  From L to R: Julie Butcher, someone whose name I didn't catch (can anyone supply?), me, Deidre Knight, Leigh Evans, Louisa Edwards, Kristen Painter and Jennifer Jackson in front of the Flatiron Building for the St. Martin's party.

2- This one came out a little dark, because we were backlit, but I love it nonetheless: Nephele Tempest, me and Elaine Spencer, all from The Knight Agency
Me and agency-mate Tiffany Reisz (website not PG-13) at the Harlequin Party

4- great gals Christine Merrill, Victoria Janssen, Laura Anne Gilman and Diana Fox at the Harlequin Black & White Ball
5- the elegant Elaine Spencer all dressed up for the RITA Awards
Tags: christine merrill, deidre knight, diana fox, elaine spencer, harlequin, jennifer jackson, julie butcher, kristen painter, laura anne gilman, leigh evans, louisa edwards, lucienne diver, nephele tempest, rwa, st. martin's, tiffany reisz, victoria janssen
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