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Recent Guest Blog Round-up

In case anyone is is interested, I've done a flurry of guest blogs recently in support of my latest release, Bad Blood from Samhain.  Please feel free to check out all or none. (Or cry out in self-defense, "I've got it already; I'll buy the darned book if you'll just *shut*up*!"  Cough.  I'm easy.)

Turning Myth into Magic for Kalayna Price’s blog

Of Quirks and Characters for Magical Words

Publication Panic for Doranna Durgin’s blog

Action Distraction for Babes in Bookland (scroll down to July 13th)

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Creative for Petit Fours and Hot Tamales

Ideas vs. Execution for Deborah Blake’s blog

Myth: It’s Bendy for my own blog

No (Wo)man is an Island for Janice Hardy’s blog

Love Triangles for PJ Schnyder’s blog

How Novels are like Children for Jon Sprunk’s blog

Paperback Writer for Cate Peace

Apollo for Wynter Daniels

Truth is Stranger than Fiction for Faith Hunter’s blog

My Can’t Write a Blog Blog for Cats, Books, And…More Cats!


My heroine interviewed:

Gina (from Vamped) interviews Tori (from Bad Blood)

Tori Karacis (from Bad Blood) interviewed by her grandmother for the Goddities gossip site for Romance Magicians


Tags: bad blood, guest blogs, lucienne diver, tori karacis

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