varkat (varkat) wrote,

YA Week - Writing Paranormal YA at Romance Divas

A whole host of fantastic YA authors are participating in the Writing Paranormal YA Workshop  at Romance Divas over the next few days.  So, sign up, sign in and fire questions at us...or just lurk and learn.  Participants: me, Rachel Caine, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Cassandra Clare, Christopher Golden, Jeff Mariotte, Alyson Noel!

Also, Chloe Neill (author of SOME GIRLS BITE) is hosting Work-in-Progress Thursday on her blog, "where you leave comments discussing your latest projects, or providing us an update on your previous comments. Tomorrow, I'll feature one commenter's WIP in the blog!"
Tags: alyson noel, cassandra clare, christopher golden, jeff mariotte, rachel caine, romance divas, rosemary clement-moore, workshop, ya week
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