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Around the Blogosphere

You can probably tell just how busy this month has been by the scarcity of my blog posts, so today's is a wrap up of various news from around the blogosphere that maybe I've tweeted or retweeted (you can find me here on Twitter), but not posted on the blog.

First, the new Knight Agency newsletter is out!  It's complete with an interview with the wonderful RITA-Award winning Rosemary Clement-Moore whose latest young adult novel,
Texas Gothic, releases July 12th from Delacorte.  You're also all cordially invited to chat with Rosemary on Thursday, June 23rd at 9 pm ET. We promise you pub talk, book giveaways and good times!

Chat with Rosemary Clement-Moore
WHEN: Thursday, June 23rd at 9pm ET
The Knight Agency Chat Room
HOW TO CHAT: Enter any combination of username and password. Login. Your computer must be Java enabled to chat.

You don't have to wait until next week to hear Rob Thurman in her Binwalla ("Epic Geeks Epic Radio) webinterview.  It's up now (at about 33 minutes and 45 seconds).  She talks on her blog about what to expect.

In other news, Diana Orgain has been over at Romantic Times Book Reviews recently about "Finding Time to Write."  She's the author of the Maternal Instincts mystery series for Berkley Prime Crime and mother of three, so she knows whereof she speaks!

Diana Pharaoh Francis, meanwhile, was interviewing over at Deviant Divas, taking about her Horngate Witches urban fantasy series.

I was over at Deborah Blake's blog talking about novel writing.  I'm also terribly excited to post a link here to the very first review I've seen my my urban fantasy novel Bad Blood, forthcoming in just eleven days from Samhain Publishing.  Fresh Fiction says,
BAD BLOOD is a wonderful read. The mystery keeps the reader engaged, the action makes the reader want to roll with the punches, and the romance makes the senses tingle. This is a great book to coil up with on a lazy Sunday afternoon.”

Last, but certainly not least, Janet Mullany gets a one-two punch of promotion for Jane and the Damned (as a Fresh Pick from Fresh Fiction) and for Mr. Bishop and the Actress from Unabridged Chick with a wonderful review ("A perfect summertime read for anyone who wants to giggle a great deal and sigh happily and escape the humdrum for a few hours.")

A few more quick things

Still crazed.  Hoping to do a very pithy post next week.  For now, two or three more quick things:

There's a great review of
Chloe Neill's new HARD BITTEN, along with an interesting discussion question over at Heart to Heart: The B&N Romance Blog for those who want to check it out.

The Knight Agency is hosting an agent and author chat tonight with Deidre Knight and Elle Jasper.  Details:

WHAT: Chat with Elle Jasper and Deidre Knight
WHEN: Thursday, May 5th @ 9pm ET

Have you been reading Sarah A. Hoyt's really, really, really honest blogs on writing?  In case you've missed them inadvertently, here's her URL.  While we're on the subject of extreme honesty, Diana Pharaoh Francis has a great guest blog up today on Magical Words.


A few quick things, because it's been and continues to be a very, very busy week!

First, The Knight Agency is hosting a chat this evening with Gena Showalter, Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Andersen and Deidre Knight, contributors to the ON THE HUNT anthology.
WHEN: Thursday, February 17th at 9pm ET
WHERE: The Knight Agency Chat Room, http://client1.sigmachat.com/sc.php?id=115545

Second, a link to Nora Roberts'
excellent letter to Congress regarding piracy and also to the Scott Turow testimony on behalf of Authors Guild.  Yes, Virginia, piracy is otherwise known as STEALING.  You cannot put a good face on taking something without compensation.  Try it at your local store, you'll get arrested.  Try it on the Internet, the penalty should be no less severe.

Third, I'm sure you've all heard by now about Borders filing for bankruptcy.  Not a surprise, as we've all known it was coming, but very sad all the same.  I love my local Borders, and I feel for all of the employees who may soon be out of work and for those in towns where their local stores will soon be no more.  Article here at Shelf Awareness for anyone who wants to read on.  Click here for a list of the closings (approx. 30% of their retail stores).

Contests galore

Two quick contests to mention before I'm off tomorrow for the Cruise with your Muse Conference with the fabulous Florida Romance Writers:

Subscribe to my author newsletter for a newsletter-only contest.  For details, check out the latest issue here.  There will be more where this contest came from!

-An even bigger deal is Knight Agency author
Stephanie Rowe's Kiss at Your Risk contest.  Details are up here.  In addition, you can chat with her tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET at The Knight Agencychat room.

Finally, for those following along, the third installment of Faith Hunter's wonderful serial story "Cat Tats" is up!  Sure, it's not a contest, but reading is its own reward.

For anyone who missed other awesome events and news in TKA's latest newsletter, you can view it

Updated Ramblings

I’ve been so crazed lately, that the catchphrase, such as it is, on my blog, “Authorial, Agently and Personal Ramblings,” has only been partially correct.  I’ve barely posted the authorial at all, partly because my character Gina has insisted on having a life of her own and started her own blog over here, and partly because I’ve been so busy on the agently side of the force.  I’ve had no time at all for a personal life, as my son reminded me rather insistently recently, so that’s completely fallen by the wayside.  Anyhoo, on the authorial end of things, I’m honored to announce that my essay, “Abuse,” will be included in the Dear Bully anthology that will be put out by HarperTeen in the fall of 2011 (see PW story here).   It’s an amazing collection that Carrie Jones and Megan Kelley Hall have put together, with proceeds to go to a national anti-bullying charity.  Included are a prestigious bunch of authors, including Heather Brewer, Mo Willems, Ellen Hopkins, R.L Stine, Alyson Noël, Lauren Kate, Lisa McMann, Lauren Oliver,  and Girlfriends’ Cyber Circuit sisters Linda Gerber, Diana Rodriguez Wallach, Laurie Faria Stolarz and many others. 

Also next year (June 2011), Samhain will release my urban fantasy/paranormal romance (it really is on the cusp), Bad Blood.  I call it my beer-goggling gorgons novel, but really that barely begins to cover it!  More as time approaches.

This year I was very thankful for the release of the sequel to Vamped, entitled (what else?) ReVamped and of my short story “Fruit of the Vein” in Esther Friesner’s fabulous Fangs for the Mammaries anthology. 

In agently news, The Knight Agency is having our annual holiday chat, complete with a whole bag of goodies to giveaway at 12:30 ET today.  Details are here.  Hope you can join us!  In the meantime, Sarah A. Hoyt has graced us today with a special story based on “The Little Match Girl.”  You can read it here and comment for a chance to win a signed copy of her Darkship Thieves.

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Spirit

As part of The Knight Agency's holiday extravaganza, we have an exclusive short story by Cat Adams up on our blog today with a chance to win copies of the first two books in the Blood Singer series, as well as a series poster.  Just comment to enter!

In other news, Thursday night is The Knight Agency’s annual online holiday party! "Join our agents, authors and TKA Santa for an hour of non-stop giveaways. This is our most fun, relaxed chat of the year. No worries about what to ask a guest author or waiting your turn to speak -- it's literally a free for all! This year Gena Showalter, Nalini Singh, Maria Geraci, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Shannon K. Butcher, Linda Gerber, Michelle Celmer, Louisa Edwards, Lydia Dare, Joey W. Hill, Jessica Andersen, Lauren Baratz-Logsted, Chris Marie Green and Shirley Jump are all giving away signed copies of their releases. Plus we're raiding our book closets and giving out titles by Rachel Caine, Marley Gibson and Cecil Murphey, among others. Oh yeah, and there's a Christmas stocking prize stuffed with books and holiday treats.

Don't forget to mark your calendars!

WHAT: Knight Agency Annual Holiday Lunchbox Chat
WHEN: Thursday, December 16th @ 12:30pm ET
WHERE: The Knight Agency Chat Room --

HOW TO CHAT: Enter any combination of username and password. Login. Your computer must be Java enabled to chat."  Hope you can join us!

The Knight Agency events

First, the new Knight Agency newsletter is available here!  You can just view or go and subscribe.

Second, we're hosting a chat tomorrow night with the fabulous N.K. Jemisin (author of THE HUNDRED THOUSAND KINGDOMS, THE BROKEN KINGDOMS and the forthcoming KINGDOM OF GODS).  There will be giveaways and some great chit-chat.  Hope you can join us.  Details:

When: Thursday, November 18th @ 9pm ET
Where: TKA's chat room**:
How To Chat: Enter any combination of username and password. Login.
**Your computer must be Java enabled to chat.

Third, The Knight Agency is doing a Countdown to Turkey Day on our blog, complete with great author and agent interviews and giveaways.  Swing by, pick up tips, and maybe even some swag.

Halloween! The Crossroads Blog Tour

Happy Halloween to all you guys and ghouls out there!  Sadly, with the holiday the fantastic Crossroads Blog tour comes to an end.  16 authors, 16 blogs, 16 days.  If you've missed it, there's still time to check us all out and get your answers in to win a big bag o'swag.  The details are here.  Or, you can chat with some of us live tonight or tomorrow night at Page Turner's blog.  The schedule is:
October 31st
8 pm central time
Jordan Deen - The Crescent
Judith Graves - Under My Skin
Linda Joy Singleton - Magician's Muse 
Karen Kincy - Other
Stacey Kade - The Ghost and the Goth
Amy Brecount White - Forget-Her-Nots
Joy Preble - Haunted
November 1st
8 pm central time
Angie Fraizer - Everlasting
Tonya Hurley - Ghost Girl: Lovesick 
Lucienne Diver - Revamped
Jackie Kessler - Hunger
Kitty Keswick - Freaksville 
Shannon Delany - 13 to Life

You can also check out my final four interviews/guest blogs here:
Wolfy Chicks
The Here. The Now & The Books.
The Book Swarm

Hope to "see" some of you tomorrow at Page Turner's if you survive the night and the sugar crash to follow.  Enjoy!