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I'm currently guest blogging over at:
Romance Magicians: an interview between my new heroine, Tori Karacis, and her Yiayia
PJ Schnyder's blog: "Love Triangles"

I'm off at the crack of dawn tomorrow for RWA National, but never fear, I will not be silent.  You can find me on the following dates and sites:
June 28:
Janice Hardy's Blog: "No (Wo)man is and Island"
Cats, Books And...More Cats!: "My Can't Write a Blog Blog"
June 29:
Doranna Durgin's Blog: "Publication Panic"


This is all in honor of my urban fantasy, Bad Blood, which releases digitally tomorrow from Samhain Publishing (print out in 2012).  Have I flashed you all my exciting new reviews?  (Yeah, yeah, I know, but they bear repeating!)

"Bad Blood is a delightful urban fantasy, a clever mix of Janet Evanovich and Rick Riordan, and a true Lucienne Diver original." Long and Short Reviews

“Tori Karacis in Bad Blood is sharp, sexy, and wickedly funny. I adored this book!” Faith Hunter, author of the NYT bestselling Jane Yellowrock series

“BAD BLOOD is a wonderful read. The mystery keeps the reader engaged, the action makes the reader want to roll with the punches, and the romance makes the senses tingle. This is a great book to coil up with on a lazy Sunday afternoon.” —Fresh Fiction


Also releasing tomorrow is the reissue of Marjorie M. Liu's The Wild Road, seventh novel in her bestselling Dirk & Steele series.  Check out her reviews!

"Liu's surefooted guiding of the plot of her latest Dirk & Steele novel keeps the tension high and ensures that secrets are revealed judiciously.  Characters and events from previous stories provide continuity and dramatic "aha" moments.  Here's another surefire winner from an author who never disappoints!" — Romantic Times, 4 ½ Stars

"Marjorie M. Liu has an amazing imagination. She comes up with one original idea after another. It's exciting to start a book by her and know that the story you're going to read isn't something that reminds you of something else. She's had three new stories this summer; THE WILD ROAD, THE IRON HUNT and a short story called Minotaur in Stone in the anthology HOTTER THAN HELL. Three stories in two months and every single one is brilliant!"  — Fresh Fiction

“Marjorie M. Liu is one of my favorite authors. Her style is sort of like the love child of a poem and a novel. Seriously! Her novels are full of rich characters and twisting, engaging plots, but told with such poetic imagery that I often find myself stopping to consider a particularly beautiful turn of phrase or an aching metaphor that makes me not only see, but feel how the characters are reacting.” – Wicked Little Pixie

Webinar, New Releases and Magical Words

I'm putting the final touches on my upcoming webinar for Writer's Digest on writing Science Fiction, Fantasy and Paranormal.  I've put a ton of work into it, and I think it's going to be great.  If you're interested and haven't already signed up, there's still time.  Some of the details are below.  Full information is available here.

Session date: Thursday, June 9, 2011
Starting time: 1:00 pm Eastern
Duration: 90 minutes

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I'm also very excited to announce two new releases today:

Chicks Kick Butt edited by Kerrie Hughes and Rachel Caine
Anthology featuring original stories from thirteen authors, eleven of whom are New York Times bestsellers:
L.A. Banks
Rachel Vincent
Karen Chance
Lilith Saintcrow
Cheyenne McCray
Jeanne Stein
Jenna Black
Jeanne Stein
Jenna Black
Elizabeth Vaughan
Carole Nelson Douglas
Nancy Holder
Two of New York Times bestselling author Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampire novels in one volume.

Fade Out
Without the evil Bishop ruling over Morganville, the vampires have made major concessions to the human population. But when a filmmaker goes missing after starting work on a documentary about vampires, Claire Danvers and her friends feel anything but safe...

Kiss of Death
Vampire Michael Glass's music has attracted the attention of a music producer-giving Michael the opportunity to leave Morganville. But between a horde of hateful humans and a savage party of feral vampires, Michael may not make it to the show on time...or ever.

Last but not least, here's a link to a very interesting interview by some of the authors behind the wonderful Magical Words blog, including three of my clients: David B. Coe, Faith Hunter and Kalayna Price.

While we're on the subject of Faith Hunter, she was also kind enough to host me today on her site, talking about my wonderfully loony family, inspiration and my upcoming release Bad Blood.

Happy New Release Day!

Very excited to wish a happy release day to:

Rachel Caine for BITE CLUB, the tenth novel in her New York Times bestselling Morganville Vampires series

Chloe Neill for HARD BITTEN, the fourth book in her brilliant Chicagoland Vampires series

Jasmine Haynes for her sexy and stunning erotic novel PAST MIDNIGHT

All books with bite!  Blurbs below.


“Extreme sports come to Morganville and the result could be a bloodbath!  In this newest chapter of the Morganville Vampire series, Caine adds extra insight by including periodic slices of the first-person thoughts of Claire’s boyfriend, Shane.  The friendships in this series are facing formidable odds, and Caine does a terrific job of keeping the tension fierce and the danger palpable.  Great stuff!” Romantic Times

After discovering that vampires populate her town, college student Claire Danvers knows that the undead just want to live their lives. But someone else wants them to get ready to rumble.

There's a new extreme sport getting picked up on the Internet: bare- knuckle fights pitting captured vampires against each other-or humans. Tracking the remote signal leads Claire- accompanied by her friends and frenemies-to discover that what started as an online brawl will soon threaten everyone in Morganville...

"Neill creates a strong-minded, sharp-witted heroine who will appeal to fans of Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series and Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake." -Library Journal

Times are hard for newly minted vampire Merit. Ever since shapeshifters announced their presence to the world, humans have been rallying against supernaturals-and they're camping outside of Cadogan House with protest signs that could turn to pitchforks at any moment. Inside its doors, things between Merit and her Master, green-eyed heartbreaker Ethan Sullivan are...tense. But then the mayor of Chicago calls Merit and Ethan to a clandestine meeting and tells them about a violent vamp attack that has left three women missing. His message is simple: get your House in order. Or else.

Merit needs to get to the bottom of this crime, but it doesn't help that she can't tell who's on her side. So she secretly calls in a favor from someone who's tall, dark, and part of underground vamp group that may have some deep intel on the attack. Merit soon finds herself in the heady, dark heart of Chicago's supernatural society-a world full of vampires who seem ready to fulfill the protesting human's worst fears, and a place where she'll learn that you can't be a vampire without getting a little blood on your hands...

"The opening DeKnight saga is a super erotic tale starring two loving people whose world shattered when their son died. The story line showcases Jasmine Haynes’ skills as her lead couple struggle with grief in their personal lives and an economic spy in their professional lives." - Genre Go Round Reviews

It's time to push the boundaries of erotic sensibility.

A devastating blow rocked Erin and Dominic's marriage, and now only extreme sexual games can soothe their emotional pain.  But their most daring erotic adventure is just ahead, and it could ultimately destroy everything they hoped to save.

And because I was traveling and missed it when in released May 1st, happy belated release day to Roberta Gellis for her new edition of TAPESTRY OF DREAMS!

"Good book to put on a keeper shelf!" -
Night Owl Romance

A maiden who will not marry

For the lovely Lady Audris, taking a husband would mean losing her home. She is content to concentrate on her special gift, weaving gorgeous tapestries that often contain hints of the future. But nothing predicts the arrival of Hugh Licorne, confident in his strength and single-minded in his determination-to have her.

A battle-hardened knight who needs a bride
From the moment Hugh sets eyes on Lady Audris, he knows he has found the woman destined to be his wife. She's courageous and beautiful, delicate yet strong. But winning her trust and defending her from her enemies will be the greatest battle he has ever faced.

New releases

I'm very pleased to present this week's new releases!


, Volume 3 by P.N. Elrod
"I love getting into bed with Jack Fleming.  Vampires, Chicago, jazz, and mystery - nobody does it better than P.N. Elrod." - Lilith Saintcrow, author of the Dante Valentine series

Chicago is a rough town, even for the undead. But someone has to clean up the dirty burg, and Jack Flemming is just the vampire for the job. The Vampire Files, Volume Three includes two adventures featuring Chicago's very own vampire P.I. as he cleans up the streets, one crook at a time (A CHILL IN THE BLOOD and THE DARK SLEEP). 

FORMULA FOR MURDER (third Maternal Instincts Mystery) by Diana Orgain
"Anyone who’s been a mother or had one will welcome the arrival of this entertaining new sleuth.” — Gillian Roberts, author of the Amanda Pepper series

Sleuth and first-time mom Kate Connolly and her baby are the victims of a hit-and-run, but escape unharmed. A witness identifies the car's French diplomatic license plates, yet when Kate and her hubby try to get some answers, they get le cold shoulder. But there's something going on at the French consulate that's dirtier-and far deadlier-than any diaper.

BLACKOUT (sixth Cal Leandros novel) by Rob Thurman
“Supernatural highs and lows, and a hell of a lean over at the corners. Sharp and sardonic, mischievous and mysterious…The truth is Out There, and it’s not very pretty.”—Simon Green, New York Times Bestselling Author of Paths Not Taken

“Cal’s a sarcastic, sardonic narrator who pulls the reader into his world, both the good and the bad. Tightly plotted and fast paced…full of twists and turns.”—Romantic Times

When half-human Cal Leandros wakes up on a beach littered with the slaughtered remains if a variety of hideous creatures, he's not that concerned. In fact, he can't remember anything-including who he is.
             And that's just the way his deadly enemies like it...

Wanna know more?  Check out this rockin' series trailer.

Coming later this month: WRITING THE PARANORMAL NOVEL by Steven Harper and the reissue of EYE OF HEAVEN by Marjorie M. Liu!

Happy Release Day!

A very happy release day to Rachel Caine for UNSEEN, the third novel in her Outcast Season series, and Doranna Durgin for STORM OF RECKONING, the second in her Reckoners series!

UNSEEN by Rachel Caine
ISBN: 9780451463838

"Periodic dustups with FBI agents, passionate moments with Warden love interest Luis Rocha, and a surprising twist of events at Ibby's school combine with Cassiel's insightful reflections on mortality and human nature to keep this fascinating fantasy saga moving briskly forward to its apocalypse-promising next installment." - Publishers Weekly

After Cassiel and Warden Luis Rocha rescue an adept child from a maniacal Djinn, they realize two things: the girl is already manifesting an incredible amount of power, and her kidnapping was not an isolated incident.

This Djinn-aided by her devoted followers-is capturing children all over the world, and indoctrinating them so she can use their strength for herself. With no other options, Cassiel infiltrates the Djinn's organization-because if Cassiel cannot stop the Djinn's apocalyptic designs, all of humanity may be destroyed.

STORM OF RECKONING by Doranna Durgin
Tor Romance
ISBN: 9780765361653

"Storm of Reckoning broadens Garrie's understanding of herself and what she can handle, leaving readers with a big cliffhanger that is sure to open even more potential paths for her and her team.  Durgin deftly focuses on the question of what love can conquer." — Romantic Times, four stars

Lisa McGarrity lives to hunt ghosts.

With the able assistance of her loyal ghostbusting team, of course . . . and the unexpected powers of Trevarr, a fiercely driven demon-hunter from another dimension.  Their last mission—a supposedly simple haunting that turned into a demonic free-for-all—left them battered and ready for some R&R.  But rest has to wait.  Garrie and her team are summoned by an old friend in Sedona who desperately needs some occult assistance.  Making matters worse, Trevarr has reappeared, bloody and bruised . . . and exiled forever from his homeworld.

While happy to have Trevarr back at her side, Garrie is shocked to discover that Sedona’s ethereal breezes are quiet, the usual paranormal activity nearly nonexistant . . . except for some oddball power surges that don’t “taste” like our world at all. 

Then Garrie’s friend disappears and all hell seems about to break loose as Sedona’s ghosts rise up against Garrie and her team.  With Trevarr’s not-cat bond-partner hinting at dire trouble on their trail and Trevarr himself seeing enemies at every turn, Garrie is running out of time to figure out just what’s happening in the Southwest…and to put a stop to it. 

More new releases

Very excited to announce these two new late-January releases:

Prodigal Bride by Beth Cornelison
January 19, 2011 release

About the Book

Wild card Zoey Bancroft is in a scrape. Her ex-boyfriend has left her stranded with no money in Vegas after hearing she's carrying his child. Desperate, Zoey calls her best friend, firefighter Gage Powell. Before she can tell Gage where she is, a loan shark enters her motel room and destroys her phone….

Tired of saving Zoey from yet another bind, but unable to forget the sparks they once shared, Gage impulsively proposes. For the sake of the baby, of course—it'll be a marriage in name only. But trouble that started in Vegas doesn't always end there, and this time Gage's life—and love—is on the line….


About the Author

Award-winning author Beth Cornelison has been writing stories since she was a child. A University of Georgia graduate, Cornelison worked in Public Relations before becoming a full-time writer. She has won many honors for her writing, including the coveted Golden Heart, awarded by the Romance Writers of America. She lives in Louisiana with her husband and son. For more information, visit her website at www.bethcornelison.com. 

Shadow Touch by Marjorie M. Liu
January 25, 2011 reissue

About the Book

Elena Baxter can work miracles with her fingers. She can coax bones to knit, flesh to heal. She can mend the mind and spirit.

That is why she is taken.

Artur Loginov joined Dirk & Steele, an international detective agency that specializes in the impossible, to help extraordinary souls in need—and to keep their secrets safe. For Artur himself is not like ordinary men—handsome, powerful, and tormented, he is able to do wondrous things with nothing but a thought and a touch. That is why he, too, is taken . . .

Drawn together into the darkness, Elena and Artur find themselves caged and cornered, joined in a desperate fight for their lives. But they will find strength where they never expected it: in a passionate look, in a tender kiss, in a heart-soaring, breathtaking . . . Shadow Touch

About the Author

Marjorie M. Liu is an attorney and New York Times bestselling author of paranormal romances and urban fantasy. In the world of comic books, she is also the writer of NXY: No Way Home, Black Window, X-23, and Dark Wolverine (with Daniel Way, for Marvel). She lived in the American Midwest and Beijing, China.

Happy New Year and Happy Book Birthday!

Happy New Year!  A few exciting things before I sign off to nurse my back for one more day.  (I threw it out by, of all things, coughing.  I'm breaking doctor's orders right now by remaining upright for more than a few minutes, but I think you'll agree that it's all worthwhile.)

First, The Knight Agency is celebrating the new year on our blog with the beginning of a fabulous free read by Faith Hunter, author of the Jane Yellowrock urban fantasy series (SKINWALKER, BLOOD CROSS and MERCY BLADE, which releases tomorrow). 
Check it out!  (Updated note: Part II is now available here.)

And a very happy book birthday to debut author Vicky Dreiling
You can check out her book trailer et al below or read her blog on how we met here.

by Vicky Dreiling
Grand Central Publishing/Warner Forever
ISBN-13: 9780446565370
ISBN: 0446565377

"What a terrific romp of a read!  Vicky is a bright new voice in romance."
--Sarah MacLean, New York Times bestselling author of NINE RULES TO BREAK WHEN ROMANCING A RAKE

"An enchanting debut, full of humor and heart!" —New York Times bestselling author Madeline Hunter

"Dreiling's delightful debut combines the rituals of Regency courtship with TV's The Bachelor....  Dreiling is definitely a newcomer to watch." —Romantic Times

“Vicky Dreiling has set a high standard for hopefully many more books to come!... This novel is a treat to enjoy and now I can hardly wait to read how the wild hawk gets tethered in the second book.” —Fresh Fiction

Tristan, the Duke of Shelbourne is a man with a mission:
find a wife he can tolerate as long as they both shall live. Love is not necessary—nor desired. But how to choose among a dizzying array of wealthy-yet-witless candidates? Hire London's infamously prim and proper matchmaker. Then pretend she's not the most captivating woman he's ever met...

Helping a devilish Duke create a contest to pick his perfect mate is the kind of challenge Tessa Mansfield relishes. Her methods may be scandalous, but she's determined to find the notorious bachelor more than a wife—she'll bring him true love. Yet when Tessa watches the women vie for the Duke's affections, she longs to win his heart herself. And after a stolen kiss confirms Tristan's desire, Tessa knows she has broken a matchmaker's number one rule: never fall in love with the groom.


New and exciting

Yesterday, my haute heroine, Gina Covello, and I gave our holiday reading recs over at Examiner.com.

Today, since I'm not sure how much blogging I'll get done over the holidays, I thought I'd post a little preview of my authors' December 28 releases.  Check out these great urban fantasies and paranormal romance!


CRIMSON WIND (2nd Horngate Witches novel) by Diana Pharaoh Francis (Pocket Books mass market)

“Ms. Francis sends urban fantasy on its head in this fast-paced, dynamic story. Loved it, could not put it down. Unusual and terrific.” —Patricia Briggs, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Hunting Ground

"Urban fantasy is new territory for Francis, but she makes it her own in this intense, action-filled novel, the first in the Horngate Witches series...the high-octaine action-adventure plot rushes you along right to the end and leaves you looking for more." —Locus

Max knows what trusting the wrong person can cost you. Her former friend Giselle, a powerful witch, enslaved Max years ago, turning her into a Shadowblade—a deadly warrior compelled to fight for Giselle. But there’s more at stake now than Max’s thirst for revenge. The Guardians, overseers of the magical world, have declared war on humanity and on any witches not standing with them. Max and Giselle have come to an uneasy truce in order to protect what’s left of Horngate, their coven’s home. Max would do anything for Horngate—even give herself over to a mysterious otherworldly creature in the nearby mountains in exchange for his help. But first, she intends to save the mortal family she left behind. And Alexander, the Shadowblade warrior who could be her closest ally or her deadliest enemy, is going with her.

KILLING ROCKS (3rd in the Bloodhound Files series) by D.D. Barant (St. Martin’s Press mass market)

Nancy Holder writes that D.D. Barant’s work is “scary, wacky, unpredictable, fresh and amazing.”  Series heroine Jace Valcheck is a Romantic Times Award finalist for best Urban Fantasy Protagonist. 

FBI profiler Jace Valchek's ticket home from the twisted parallel universe where she's been called to duty hinges on the capture of series killer Aristotle Stoker - and an alliance with a sorcerer known as Asher. The problem: Asher has joined forces with some of the most dangerous creatures Jace has ever encountered. The solution: There is none, without Asher's help. Jace's goal seems simple enough - to get her man, like always. But just hours after she arrives in Vegas, she's abducted...and she isn't even sure who the real enemy is. Now Jace has to wonder if she's the predator or the prey in a very dangerous game that could change not only her fate, but the world's...Meanwhile, a serial killer is still on the loose. And time has already run out...

TIGER EYE (reissue of the 1st novel in the Dirk & Steele series) by Marjorie M. Liu (Avon Books mass market)

Marjorie M. Liu is a finalist for the Romantic Times Career Achievement award for Shapeshifter Romance.  Tiger Eye, the first book in her bestselling Dirk & Steele series, is one such.  New York Times bestseller Christine Feehan said of it, "I didn't just like this book, I LOVED this book.  [Marjorie M. Liu] has a great voice, a fresh new premise, everything I love to read.  Anyone who loves my work should love hers.”  Romantic Times gave it the rare 4½G rating and the 2005 award for Contemporary Paranormal Romance.  RT also raved, “A star is born! If you're a fan of first-rate paranormal romantic adventures, then you've just hit the jackpot. Liu is an amazing new voice: ingenious, fresh and utterly spellbinding.”

Long ago they roamed the earth — dragons, tigers . . . shapeshifters — men who wore the forms of beasts. Their world was magic. Now it is gone. But some remain . . .

He looks out of place in Dela Reese’s Beijing hotel room— exotic and poignant, some mythic, tragic hero of an epic tale. With his feline yellow eyes, he’s like nothing from her world. Yet Dela has danced through the echo of his soul and knows this warrior will obey her every command.

Hari has been used and abused for millennia. But he sees, upon his release from the riddle box, that this new mistress is different. There is a hidden power in Dela’s eyes—and with her, he may regain all that was lost to him. Where once he savaged, now he must protect; where before he knew only hatred, now he must embrace love. Dela is the key.

For Dela, he will risk all.

Happy Release Day!


Looking for something to heat up your holidays?  Jasmine Haynes' newest erotic romance collection MINE UNTIL MORNING releases today from Berkley Heat.  Genre Go Round Reviews says, "These are three hot yet profound tales of sex, love, and acceptance (or not)."

Rather play it by ear?  A bunch of new audiobooks are out from Audible today, including:

by Penny Drake

by Rachel Caine
Books #6-#9 of her Weather Wardens urban fantasy series

Yup, big day here and very happy holidays.  I've heard some around the blogosphere complain when agents talk about or promote their authors' work on their blogs, but hey, it's my blog and I'll throw virtual parties if I want to.  Part of the fun of having a blog, in addition to giving what I can to the community with blogs on writing, querying and the business, is getting to gush about my awesome authors.  You go, gang!

Happy Release Day to Marjorie M. Liu

I'm pleased today to celebrate the release of Marjorie M. Liu's latest Dirk & Steele novel, IN THE DARK OF DREAMS.  Apparently, Avon is as well!  They're hosting a virtual signing/event with Marjorie M. Liu and C.L. Wilson here from 6-8 p.m. EST on Thursday, December 2, 2010.  Authors will be reading, answering questions and signing books.  If you pre-order IN THE DARK OF DREAMS here before 12/1, Marjorie will even sign it for you.  Hope you can join in on the fun!

So, what can I say about IN THE DARK OF DREAMS?  On Twitter today, Marjorie M. Liu described it as "My merman thriller pirate sea monster love story."  You can read the entire starred Publishers Weekly review over on Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com.  While this is the 10th book in her fabulous paranormal romance series, as PW says, "new readers will be able to dive easily into Liu's world of supernatural researchers and explorers."  They neglect to mention action heroes, mermen, shapeshifters, healers, metalurgists, telemetrics....  Something for everyone! 

The Dirk & Steele series:
DARK DREAMERS anthology (in which her novella “A Dream of Stone and Shadows” appears with a novella by Christine Feehan)

Originally released by Leisure Books, Avon will be reissuing these books, beginning with TIGER EYE on December 28th!  After that, they'll release them one a month in the order above (the series order).