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Free short story in honor of Fun Fridays!

In honor of Fun Fridays here on the blog, I'm pleased to post a totally new, totally free short story in my Vamped world.  Shout out goes to Martha and Rowan, who entered the Facebook contest and got to name characters.  I hope you enjoy!

"Fanged" by Lucienne Diver

I heard Marcy yip and leggo the dress she’d had a death-grip on, which was so unlike her that I almost flashed fang at the presumed threat.  Or maybe not almost, from the speed at which the girl eying my blouse drew back from me and found somewhere else to be.

     “Break a nail?” I asked Marcy, wadding up my prize into the smallest possible package, the better to avoid having it swiped away.  It was just my size—small—and color—fire-engine red.  I knew just by eyeballing it that it would fit like a glove.

     “N-no,” she stammered.  Surprised, I left off ogling the shoe selection still available a quarter hour into the Bombshell Boutique’s annual midnight madness sale to turn and assess her freak-out level.

     Her eyes were wide, and her arms empty.  Her heartbeat was, of course, non-existent, us being undead and all.  But I imagined that if she still had a working heart it would be pounding.  Nothing short of structural nail damage or impending doom would cause my BFF to surrender a sales item.  I knew from experience.  I’d been on the other end of that tug of war.

     “Eyes,” she continued.

     “Eyes?” I asked, baffled.

     “They flashed at me.  Glowing amber, like a caution light.”

     “You mean red?” I tried.  Very old vamps sometimes got a red and dead glow about them when crossed.  It wouldn’t be too startling to find another of the fanged and fabulous at a midnight madness sale.  After all, they seemed tailor-made for us.

     “Amber,” she insisted, “like a traffic light.”

     Yellow…amber…it probably wasn’t worth arguing the finer points of the color wheel.

     “Where?” I asked.  “Which girl?”

     Marcy grabbed my arm and started to pull me toward the shoes.  “We’re off-duty,” she reminded me.  “Come on, let’s go check out the kicks before our sizes are gone.”

     More problematic for me than for her, since my feet were a normal size seven, and she had munchkin feet, but I let her steer me in the direction I wanted to go anyway…until another girl howled.

     It was a perfectly human howl of pain and shock, but I pulled away from Marcy and spun to see a girl about our age yank back a slashed arm, blood dripping dramatically on the silver shawl she clutched.

     “Right there,” Marcy said, when it was clear I wasn’t going anywhere.  She pointed to a brown-haired girl just turning away from the commotion, her wild mane of hair bobbing above the crowd as she made her way to the door.

     “I’m going after her.  You talk to the girl who got gouged.  Something’s not right here.”

     “But…shoes!” she wailed.

     “Later,” I promised.

   “When all the good ones are gone,” she grumbled, but she let me lead the way back to the sales table we’d come from.  When she stopped, I kept going.  Already I was losing sight of the shopping slasher.  I could still see her head above the crowd as she power-walked away, the path opening magically before her.  She paused at the entrance when a suited security guy moved in front of her, but I could swear I heard a growl and suddenly he stumbled back.

     He was yelling into his radio as I got there, and I didn’t even realize that one of the cries was for me until I was past and remembered the shirt balled up in my right hand.

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Holiday Spirit

As part of The Knight Agency's holiday extravaganza, we have an exclusive short story by Cat Adams up on our blog today with a chance to win copies of the first two books in the Blood Singer series, as well as a series poster.  Just comment to enter!

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Free short story

Here's that story I promised you, "The Problem with Piskies."  This was, in fact, my very first published short story (way back when I was writing as Kit Daniels).  Janet Mullany and I have something in common (see her post of February 19th) in that we both closed lines with our very first fiction.  "Piskies" appeared in the very last issue ever of Quantum Barbarian after placing third in it's competition.  I swear, I had nothing to do with it.  I can't say the same for Bob (you'll see).  For anyone interested, in my mind Vic looks just like Ken Wahl from the old television series Wiseguy.


            The DTs weren’t supposed to set in until after you gave up the booze.  Since I’d been on a bender ever since I’d discovered I was super-freaky—not only “blessed” from childhood with the third eye, but now a lycanthrope to boot after a tussle with our friendly neighborhood werewolf—there was no chance of withdrawal.  Unless the combination of the Sight and The Change had driven me mad, the critter that I was about to smash was much higher on the headache scale than a mere cockroach. 

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You can find the further adventures of Vic and Bob in "Imaginary Fiend" in the anthology Strip-Mauled, edited by Esther Friesner.

Free Fiction and Spec Fic blog by Michele Lang

When I asked Michele Lang to guest blog for Paranormal Romance "Week," she went above and beyond, offering both a blog on "Speculative Fiction: What If...." and a short story from her NETHERWOOD world.  I'm sure you'll enjoy both!

Speculative Fiction:  What If…..

Where do you get your story ideas?

If you are a writer, you probably get this question all the time from non-writers.  And if you are participating in National Novel Writers’ Month right now, you may be asking yourself this question in desperation or despair.


For a long time, I resisted answering or even thinking about it too much, because I was afraid that if I considered the question too deeply, my mystifying muse would flip me the bird and take off on a Harley for parts unknown.

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Fatal Error

By Michele Lang



My handheld device blinked and blinked, trying its electronic best to warn me of danger.

I stood at the base of the huge oak tree towering over Petraeus Park on 23rd Street, and I weighed the dangers of ignoring the error message versus abandoning my plan.  My thumb brushed the surface of my handheld’s screen, and the harsh, incriminating words disappeared in a cascade of shimmering cyberlight.

Far above my head, at least twenty feet up, I picked out the silhouette of a tree house looming in the fading light.  The tree’s trunk, smooth, had no rope or footholds to ease the way up – and, given the illegal stuff going on up there, I knew that inaccessibility was part of the design.

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